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Hearing Aids and Audiology Services

Hearing aids and Audiology services in Hyderabad

Hearing Aids and Audiology Services


Ability to hear & listening is crucial for effective communication and better quality of life.

Hearing problem can be seen from new born to old age, in children hearing problems can effect language development and lead to Speech & Language Disorders, for adults it will be difficult to hear and understand sounds clearly. 

Hearing Assessment Including behavioral Observations, response to Various frequency, Loudness and Speech levels, measureing middle ear Pressures, Neuronal response of hearing through various equipments to study the Hearing Physiology and analyse Pathophysiology and come up with a plan to effectively Intervene the Hearing Problems.

Hearing Intervention Includes training to over come communication barriers, recommending and fitting suitable Amplification/ Hearing Aid device to regain ability to hear and understand better and discussing with multidisciplinary team ENT, Neorologist etc for handling the disorders effectively.

We deal with trouble shooting,accessaries and services of various brands of Hearing Aids.

we work extensively to bring Awarness by advocating, screening hearing capacities, sensitizing public to take appropriate care of hearing and  preventable measures.


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